Motorcyclists Are Often Unfairly Blamed for Accidents

Motorcyclists very often take the blame for accidents in which they are hurt. According to California Office of Traffic Safety, three factors are the cause of 59 percent of motorcycle collisions. They are:

  • Traveling at unsafe speeds
  • Improper turning
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs

But that same agency found the fault of the accident is quite often with the driver of another vehicle. Someone other than the motorcyclist caused a full 35 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents and 44 percent of non-fatal accidents. What those motorists typically do is violate the cyclists’ right-of-way, particularly at intersections, where about 70 percent of collisions between vehicles and bikes occur.

In other accidents involving motorcycles, poor road maintenance (potholes), puddles, debris, oil slicks, ruts and railroad tracks are the cause. And when a motorcycle receives poor maintenance or has an original manufacturer’s defect — such as a wobble in the front wheel that becomes exaggerated at high speeds — those third parties (mechanics and manufacturers) can be responsible.

Because motorcycle accidents can be so catastrophic, leading to death or debilitating injury, it is often necessary for victims to work with an attorney who advocates in court for the cyclist. The initial perception by a judge and jury might be the accident was the fault of the biker. Therefore, a lawyer with experience representing cyclists can be the key to a successful lawsuit. Injuries can reduce or eliminate a biker’s ability to work and can also involve hugely expensive medical bills.

To establish fault in such accidents, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accidents. Survivors who are dependents of cyclists are due financial compensation — as are cyclists themselves who survive a catastrophic accident.

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