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Medicine Mistakes: Yes, Doctors and Pharmacists Should Pay for Errors

Everyone knows someone who failed to take his or her medications correctly. When that happens, it is the fault of the patient. But doctors, pharmacists and nurses can make mistakes with pharmaceuticals that hurt the patient. That is the fault of the professional, and it happens more often than most people realize. According to a …

A Late Diagnosis of Oral Cancer May Be Due to Dentist Negligence

When most of us go to the dentist, a cavity or possible root canal may be our greatest concern. However, a dental appointment is where most individuals with oral cancer first learn of it. In fact, dentists are trained to search for oral cancers (squamous cell carcinomas) — and are responsible for initiating a diagnostic …

A MUNI Accident Lawsuit Requires Fast Action on Behalf of Victims

San Francisco is famous for its public transportation system — the trolleys are a signature tourist attraction, while the rest of the Municipal Transportation Agency is renowned for its efficiency. Use of the public transportation system overall is how Bay Area residents commute and reach recreational destinations while avoiding the stress of commuter car traffic. …

The Causes of Construction Accidents Are Identified in Injured Worker Lawsuits

As the American economy begins to recover — with vigor in California, as it turns out — the first industry to ramp up is construction. Homes, office structures, municipal buildings and infrastructure including roads, bridges and storm water management are being built at a healthy pace. Unfortunately, increased construction activity means more construction accidents. Chiefly …

Filing a Malpractice Claim with Kaiser Permanente: Your Lawyer’s Role

While most health care patients are aware that mistakes made by doctors and other health care providers are unacceptable and worthy of compensation, many are unaware of the special system that exists for Kaiser Permanente members. In a nutshell, California patients who are insured through the managed healthcare plans of Kaiser Permanente cannot pursue medical …

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