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The Bicyclist’s Rights to the Road – Who is Responsible in an Accident?

Protected bicycle lanes — some call them “cycle tracks” — have popped up all across the United States in the past five years. This includes many in the San Francisco Bay area, such as on Shoreline Drive in Alameda. However, are protected lanes an indication that bicyclists no longer have a place on regular roads …

Parental Liability: The Crime of Loaded and Unlocked Guns Where Children Play

While there are many arguments for and against regulating the safety of firearms in the United States, there is one point on which almost everyone can agree: No child should die because of guns. And yet in the United States, close to 5,300 children died due to firearms in one year, far more than in …

When to Sue a Teenage Driver Who Caused Your Accident

Recent studies show that teenage drivers are disproportionately responsible for moving violations and accidents. According to statistics compiled by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, teens aged 16–19 make up more than 52 percent of speeding violations in the state and 25.8 percent of turn signal violations. This is due to a low-risk perception of …

Truck Accidents: Uncommon But Catastrophic

It should come as no surprise that an accident involving a large truck and a passenger vehicle can result in catastrophic injuries and a complete destruction of the car. However, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (a 501c3 organization), statistically there is a smaller chance of trucks being involved in fatal crashes on …

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