auto accidents

When to Sue a Teenage Driver Who Caused Your Accident

Recent studies show that teenage drivers are disproportionately responsible for moving violations and accidents. According to statistics compiled by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, teens aged 16–19 make up more than 52 percent of speeding violations in the state and 25.8 percent of turn signal violations. This is due to a low-risk perception of …

What is Whiplash and is it Serious?

Whiplash has been made something of a joke in television and media. People often think of whiplash as a fake claim made by someone who was not really injured in an accident but wants to claim damages. In fact, whiplash is not only real, it can be terribly painful and difficult to diagnose and treat. …

How to Prepare For an Auto Accident Claim

Car accidents are disorienting, terrifying events. After you get into an accident is not the time to give your first thought to what to do if you get in an accident. You want to have an advance plan. And, if you have been in an accident recently, you may find that some of this information …

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