The Causes of Construction Accidents Are Identified in Injured Worker Lawsuits

As the American economy begins to recover — with vigor in California, as it turns out — the first industry to ramp up is construction. Homes, office structures, municipal buildings and infrastructure including roads, bridges and storm water management are being built at a healthy pace.

Unfortunately, increased construction activity means more construction accidents. Chiefly at fault for debilitating and fatal injuries are electrical accidents, falls, trenching (cave-ins, but also exposure to toxic fumes and drownings) and “struck by,” a category that includes vehicular hits and falling objects. Slips, trips and falls — due to poorly designed or maintained floors, ladders, elevators and edge guards — account for 15 percent of all accidental deaths.

Individuals who have been hurt, or their survivors, are due compensation for workplace accidents. Workers’ compensation inadequately covers some losses, typically medical costs and lost wages. But a construction accident attorney can help injured workers and their dependents recover for losses that include:

  • Loss of limbs, hearing, vision and mobility
  • Disfigurement, such as burns
  • Future care, including all types of therapy, medication and adjustments to the home and personal vehicles

In some cases, the injury was due to negligence by the employer. But in other cases, the design, manufacturing or maintenance of equipment can be at fault. An experienced construction accident attorney conducts investigations to identify such causes — and the third parties who can be held responsible. This can help prevent future accidents from happening.

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