A MUNI Accident Lawsuit Requires Fast Action on Behalf of Victims

San Francisco is famous for its public transportation system — the trolleys are a signature tourist attraction, while the rest of the Municipal Transportation Agency is renowned for its efficiency. Use of the public transportation system overall is how Bay Area residents commute and reach recreational destinations while avoiding the stress of commuter car traffic.

However, the unfortunate nature of bus and rail travel in the MUNI system is that serious and sometimes fatal accidents occur with pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and passengers in motor vehicles. Reportedly, the MUNI system scrimps on maintenance work to meet fiscal year budgets, and quality assurance inspections have been reduced or eliminated since 2010.

When brakes and tires are working improperly, accidents happen. A 41,000-pound bus going at a moderate speed, or a fraying 600-volt electric wire, can cause significant degrees of death and injury. Consider the following real incidents:

  • A pedestrian suffered serious brain injury when a signal failure allowed a streetcar into a crosswalk while the “walk” signal gave the pedestrian the right-of-way.
  • An under-18 pedestrian endured a leg amputation because the timing of a train light misled both the train engineer and the minor to enter an intersection at the same time.
  • An elderly individual was struck by a MUNI bus and required professional nursing care the rest of her life because a MUNI bus struck her in an intersection.

In each case, a large sum was recovered on behalf of the victim. What’s different about being hit by a MUNI-operated vehicle or on MUNI property is that a personal injury claim must be filed within six months following the accident. The statutes affecting such claims are also complicated, requiring attorneys to understand a complex process. If you or a loved one has been injured by the MUNI system, it is important to act quickly by contacting a public transportation attorney soon after the incident.

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