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A Late Diagnosis of Oral Cancer May Be Due to Dentist Negligence

When most of us go to the dentist, a cavity or possible root canal may be our greatest concern. However, a dental appointment is where most individuals with oral cancer first learn of it. In fact, dentists are trained to search for oral cancers (squamous cell carcinomas) — and are responsible for initiating a diagnostic …

Will a Ballot Initiative Reform Malpractice Claims?

California is a tough state for anyone claiming medical malpractice against a physician. The difficulty stems from a state law passed in 1975, the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA), which capped medical malpractice judgments at a very low level. This law has made it difficult for claimants to recoup their full damages in the …

Man Dies After Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

The family of Marek Lapinski of Murrietta is asking some hard questions after the man went to have his wisdom teeth removed in an oral surgeon’s office and never woke up from the procedure.  The day before the procedure, he had tweeted, “gettin [sic] my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Loading up on some #soup and …

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